Children and Youth Worker Application

Children and Youth Worker Application

This application is to be completed by all applicants for any position (volunteer or compensated) involving the supervision or custody of minors in any scheduled programs or activity of The Pentecostals of The Woodlands. It is being used to help provide a safe and secure environment for the children and youth who participate in our activities, as well as fulfill the church’s legal obligations. By completing and signing this application, you are affirming that your answers are truthful and accurate. If you do not wish to answer a particular question, or if you wish to discuss a question further, please talk to the pastor. The applications will be confidential and only be visible by the Senior and Executive Pastor.

Personal Information

Church Background Information

Disclosure Agreement

You have my permission to obtain a background check of my personal record. In addition, I authorize any references or churches listed in this application to give you any information (including opinions) that they have regarding my character and fitness for working with children and youth. I agree to live by the understanding that, as a person in authority, it is my responsibility to avoid sexual contact with children and/or youth, even if they attempt to initiate contact. I will find alternative ways to discipline, agreeing that under no circumstance will I use any form of corporal punishment (spanking, neck or choke holds, ear or hair pulling, etc.) as a means of discipline. I certify that the information I have provided is true and correct. If it is found that the answers given are untrue, I understand it may be cause for dismissal.