Inside the POW

The POW is an active body of believers who know that in order to accomplish what God has call us to do, we must all be involved.  With a plethora of different ministries to get involved in, you won't have trouble getting your hands dirty and making a difference here.

If at any time you want to know more about a particular ministry, our community leaders are more than willing to take the time and show you around. We believe that after a short time of learning about us and us learning about you, it's time to start being active yourself. 

The POW believes that community is not only what happens within the church's physical structure, but what we do outside in the community in which we reside.  We take great interest in serving throughout our community.

While we serve hundreds of meals to the homeless a month and bring cheer to nursing homes and the like, we believe that the church is not the building, but the people. 

We have people who minister in prisons, at colleges, in government, and throughout the area.  We host community events and are always looking for ways to help around town.

That's why we people know that we are more than church!