Saved to Sow Miracles

1. Shortly after our Saved to Sow launch, Pastor Tim Szumanski received a miracle offering from another pastor for over $150,000.

2. The POW has had a 356% growth rate in 4 years. That is at least a 46% yearly increase.

3. Of the $116,000 dollars collected so far for Saved to Sow, almost $31,000 has come from people who were not part of the original campaign.

4. The reduction in price of the new property is a HUGE miracle as it allowed The POW the ability to buy within their budget.

5. Numerous members have reported raises, bonuses, blessings, and the like since they began giving to the Saved to Sow campaign.

6. The POW had a $40,000 sacrificial offering given in ONE SERVICE to help get them closer to meeting their down payment.

7. The new property meets or exceeds EVERY need towards the vision for The Woodlands, Texas.

and the miracles still are coming in....