Saved to Sow-The Pentecostals of The Woodlands

The Saved to Sow Stewardship Campaign can be boiled down to one word – souls! Each of the objectives that The POW is driving towards has one common denominator: greater impact on the lives of those in The Woodlands and surrounding areas. In short, we are expanding our present vision with the focused vision of transforming lives in our community.

From our humble beginnings to the mighty increase that we are now experiencing, we are grateful for the numerous sacrifices and previous successes. We’ve had our fair share of setbacks and dilemmas, but through it all, God has favored and delighted in making this church a haven for the hurting, wandering, and wounded of our community.  We believe the best days for The POW are still yet to come!

The Saved to Sow Stewardship Campaign is needing dedicated and deliberate people like yourself for its success. Your decision to partner with this vision will tremendously impact both your life and the Kingdom of God. The investments of your prayers, finances, and labor will pay dividends that are literally out of this world!

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We need your prayers!

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We need finances!

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We need your help!

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