Audio Technician Training  

Course Location:

The Pentecostals of The Woodlands
8909 West Lane, The Woodlands, Texas  77354

January 13th and 14th
Registration Deadline – January 8th


Course times:
Friday 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Saturday 8:00am – 5:00pm

Nathan Vercher
TPOTW Technical Director


The purpose of this course is to give a basic understanding of live audio equipment and mixing techniques. The goal is to equip sound techs with the knowledge, resources and hands-on training in order to provide a good, consistent mix for their audience and to be able to perform basic troubleshooting.  It is also a great course to provide musicians and performers with a good understanding of system properties and capabilities. The course will utilize multitrack recordings of previous live events, allowing techs to mix on a digital mixing console as if they were in a live setting. The course will consist of an aggressive schedule of Friday evening and Saturday sessions and resource/reference material will be provided. This course will cover some very basics but will also get into advanced mixing techniques. This is great material for new techs, techs new to digital consoles or seasoned techs wanting to learn new concepts. We suggest sending your entire sound team to a single session in order to gain consistency in your services. More advanced classes may also be requested if necessary.


NOTE:  This course is for TPOTW attendees only.  If you are interested in attending a future course, please Email Us and we will respond as soon as possible.


I. The Ministry of Sound
A. Be prepared
B. Be a servant
C. Pay attention
D. Recruiting new techs
E. Event Planning
F.  Consistency (Processes)
II. Infrastructure  
A. Electrical Wiring and system
B. Room Acoustics
C. Microphones  
D. Phantom power
E. Batteries for cordless mics
F. Drum mic placement
G. Direct Boxes
H. Other inputs
I. Cabling – Balanced vs. unbalanced
J.  Mixer 
K. Processors
M. Amps
N. FOH Speakers
O. Monitors
P. Inner Ear Monitors
Q. Other Outputs
III. Gain Structure
A. Mic
B. Channel
C. Processor
D. Amps
IV. Mix
A. Foundation
B. Music
C. Vocals
V. Channel EQ
B. freq charts
C. Feedback
D. Lavalier Mics
E. Vocal Mics
F. Drums
G. Other instruments
VI. Dynamics
A. Gates
B. Compressors
C. Other Dynamics
VII. Sub groups
VIII. Routing
A. Bus Mix
B. Matrix
C. Mute Groups
D. Outputs
E. Inserts
IX. Effects
X. Recording and Streaming
XI. Troubleshooting
A. Feedback
B. Clipping
C. Noise
D. Loud but indistinguishable sound


Customized private training sessions can also be scheduled for an entire group at TPOTW or at your location. Email Us to get more information.